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We have been experiencing technical difficulties at Spare Parts Literary Headquarters. We thank you for your patience in waiting to hear back from submissions, promos and our keenly awaited next volume. We are working to bring you more incredible Spares soon!

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Spare Parts Lit was born out of the hopelessness of feeling like a spare part.

In a world where we define ourselves with a myriad of labels, struggling against the relentless waves of media standards, shouting into the deafening white noise of the internet, wading through a global pandemic and desperately clinging to increasingly unattainable bygone measures of success, it is practically inevitable that our mental health becomes a battlefield.

For Creatives these catalysts can exacerbate perhaps an already ongoing war within our minds as we search the depths of meaning, power, beauty and truth.

We know that life is full of trials and  rejections, but in this publication we want to take a moment and CeleBrATe.

We want to celebrate the fact that we all get rejected now and then.

Rejection can be painful, confusing and devaluing, yes, but at Spare Parts Lit we believe that these nos that get spat at us are just what we may need to grow, strengthen and ultimately discover a greater YES down the road.

We want to encourage our creatives and our readers to see Rejection as nothing more than Redirection.

If we give it purpose, we take away it's power to produce pain!

Creative arts and literature are meant for everyone, but not every work is going to be appreciated by every consumer. And that's how it's meant to be! So be encouraged, all you spare parts out there, you are doing it right and you have value! We can't wait to see what spares are in your collection, and if they don't fit here, that means that they fit somewhere else, and if they don't speak to this viewer, they're meant for someone else to treasure.

We all have a place, we all have a purpose, and the joy is in seeking it out and supporting each other as we each journey forwards.

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